The Wise Woman Network
The Wise Woman Network

Welcome to The Wise Woman Network

Where Wise Wombmyn gather to educate, share, and support each other.

About The Network:

This is a community FOR WOMBMYN ONLY,  in all cycles of life who support and educate each other in an array of different subjects, ranging from womb health to spirituality, children to farm animals, and recipes to remedies. We go against the norm, claim our sovereignty, and take radical responsibility over ourselves and our families.

We are all wise in our own way, and bringing wombmyn together again is the way the Matriarch will rise. For too long we have been separated so that the patriarchy can have its grip on this planet, and little by little the dismantling has taken root. 

The Matriarchy can not rise up if wombmyn are not gathered. We must hold hands, support each other, and combine our power. We will reclaim our true nature, the wild and wise wombyn that we are, and change the world one period at a time, one child at a time, and one circle at a time.


Why You Should Join Me:

You are an important piece of this network. Every wombmyn has an innate wisdom inside them, that once tapped into can be shared with humanity. In this community we encourage women to share their gifts, support one another, and help create the rise of the matriarch.

I created this network because of the passion instilled in me by my Ryukuyan Ancestors. They were originally a Matriarch before Japan took them over. As I began to venerate my ancestors from Ryuku, this fire was lit more and more inside me to start gathering wombmyn together and activate the natural ability to lead, nurture and heal. The natural abilities in each of us that have been suppressed for far too long.

A Big Thanks

By you joining the community, you are contributing to the gathering of women once again, to make us even stronger, wiser, and more in tune.

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